Coach Wendi Kovar

Client Testimonials

Personal Coaching:

"I am a Personal Fitness Trainer and relied on my physical body to train fitness. When I began life coaching, my mental and physical health were at an all time low. I was a broken man, lost emotionally, physically and unsure of my career and future. Coach Wendi helped me save my marriage, my family and my life! She gave me the tools and reinforcement I needed to deal with my difficulties. Wendi breaks it down into baby steps, giving small assignments throughout the week that increase focus and conscious action. I am now living the life of my dreams. My marriage is healthy, I have never been happier or more proud of myself as a father, husband and provider of my family. I am living my life on a larger scale than I ever imagined."

Joe D., business owner

Executive Coaching:

"Wendi Kovar has served as Executive Coach to both my company and me personally for the past seven years. She has inspired me to accomplish things I had never thought possible. Her ability to see in me what I cannot even sometimes see in myself is profound. I have also engaged Wendi to work with members of my team on several different occasions. Most recently, Wendi helped facilitate our Annual Focus Planning Meeting in a way that encouraged opens haring, discussion and clarity as we planned for changes on the horizon in the coming year. Wendi possesses a unique talent for bringing people together as a team while challenging each individual to take action in a warm and supportive manner. Her participation created a positive and inspiring atmosphere that made every person want to be and do their best. This was a refreshing break from the usual gripe session laden with reasons" why not" and allowed us to instead make incredible progress as a team. Each person left that meeting with a clear sense of purpose and action steps to complete. I would recommend Wendi without reservation. I know that my company has benefited immensely from the involvement of Wendi Kovar. She is one of the most gifted and inspiring individuals I have ever met."

Julie N., business owner of Windermere Mercer Island

The Soul Spa:

Tools for Transformation

"Attending a Soul Spa retreat was an opportunity to connect with others on the same path of growth in a beautiful waterfront setting on Hood Canal. I left with an experience that exceeded any expectations I may have had. By the end of the day, I had created life time connections, stretched my mind and body and had the ability to leave behind what I no longer needed and became open to the possibilities that life has to offer me. I now have the freedom to be more connected to my authentic self."

Kari G., business owner of Kari Gran Skin
Following Kari's soul spa retreat experience, she continued on with executive coaching to pursue her passion in natural skincare

Happy Authentic You

"I attended the soul spa, "Happy Authentic You," where eight courageous and authentic women shared their deepest fears, personal desires for growth and well being in a sacred and supportive space. I left the soul spa knowing how to relax my mind through meditation and open my heart through coaching. I hired Wendi as my personal coach, and in three months discovered authentic freedom, clarity, and creativity in my thinking. I learned the strengthen my spirit and trust my own intuition. I am deeply thankful for our healing partnership."

Diane L., Business Owner
Following Diane's soul spa retreat experience, she continued on with executive coaching to pursue her goal in selling her business of 30 years

Serious About Sobriety Coaching:

"I know this for sure: I would not be here today if it was not for the support, guidance, and wisdom of Wendi Kovar. I truly believe she saved my life. During the throes of my addiction, I held onto Wendi's message, her story, and the hope she instilled in me. I finally was in enough pain to surrender. The life Wendi created in sobriety is truly inspiring, and even more moving, is the person she became in spite of her disease. She carries this gift to those who want sobriety and recovery and are courageous enough to fight for it."

Erika K.

Speaking Engagements:

National Charity League

"It wasn't until that first meeting with you in the spring of my sophomore year at Mercer Island High School that the other components of NCL really started to matter to me. I distinctly remember that that meeting had relatively small attendance, and interestingly, during that meeting, all of the self-consciousness and boredom that usually associated with grade-level meetings melted away. (After that meeting, there was a significant change all around our class, not just with me. We all relaxed, and we all became a whole lot more friendly and supportive.) In that meeting, we shared honestly about how life was going, and how we wanted to improve the way we lived. The wheel of wellness was a gateway to a better relationship with NCL, my family and myself. I remember going home, totally inspired, and immediately went to give my mom a big hug. I had always known that with NCL, I was helping others, but it was in and after your meetings that I realized NCL was helping me. And so, thank you, Coach Wendi, for being in NCL, and thank you for being a clear representation of what we tick-tockers often fail to see of the many wonderful patronesses: a mentor, a kind face, and a friend. Once again, thank you for your time and patience, your kind words, and thank you most of all, for giving me the tools to foster an even better relationship with my mother."

Amy L., National Charity League member

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Coach Wendi

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