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What Is Coaching?

Life coaching is about authentically changing and empowering your life from the inside out. Achieving success by your definition, by bringing your values in alignment with your actions. The principles of coaching dictate that the client is the expert on his/her life and has the answers within themselves. The partnership's foundation is one of trust, confidentiality, creativity, integrity, wisdom and professionalism. Coaching is for healthy individuals who have already experienced success in their lives and are currently in transition, unfulfilled or creatively stuck. The coaching contract is $1,800 for three months, which includes a two hour in depth personal inventory, twelve 30- minute weekly coaching calls and a one hour completion call that solidifies, anchors and celebrates the learning and growth achieved.


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Books, Articles and Publications

Local Business Owner Reflects on Changes in Alcohol/Drug Awareness in Mercer Island Community

Communities That Care: Kudos to the MI parents who are communicating, taking underage drinking seriously and doing something about it. Kudos also go to kids who are being responsible - keeping parents in the loop - not in the dark.

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A Guide to Getting It: Creative Intelligence

Co-author Wendi Kovar (2006, Clarity of Vision Publishing)

Energy Vampires, Be Gone!

Learn how to identify and combat those who attempt to suck the life out of you.
(American Fitness, Mar/Apr 2006) Interview of Dr. Judith Orloff and Wendi Kovar, C.P.C.

Coaching for Change

Interview of Life Coach Wendi Kovar by Shannon Moller
Mercer Island Reporter, Feb 5, 2003